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The most accurate group heart rate technology is your solution to keep you engaged and motivated. With individual heart zones your workout is defined by your TruZone.

TruZones is the ultimate fitness solution. With real time feedback, you can see your heart rate displayed as you power through our High Intensity Interval class formats. Not only will you see your results live, you can compete with your classmates while you earn FIT points based on which zone you are in! The higher the zone, the more FIT points you earn!

TruZones is the only heart based training solution that has individualized heart rate zones, personalized to your fitness level! Prior to your first class, you will be taken through a 30 minute personal assessment to find your unique individual zones!

Who is TruZones for??

What makes TruZones a remarkable resource is its widespread applicability to ANY demographic. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast looking for a new challenge, an elite athlete looking to improve performance, or a layperson getting back into fitness, this class is for YOU. Our highly trained staff knows the appropriate modifications to meet you right where you’re at. Just because anyone can take this class, that does not mean it is easy though! We are here to push and challenge you to that next level, so you can ultimately live a healthier and happier life.

“Our members are much more in tuned with their bodies with TruZones. Some participants did not even know what a Heart Rate Threshold was until they tried TruZones. Now they are using it to push themselves, track their workouts, and improve their overall fitness!”

-Holly H., Personal Trainer/Group Ex Instructor

“I did TruZones 2-3x/week for two weeks, changed nothing else about my diet, and was finally able to fit into my summer shorts after hitting a plateau for months. I love how energized I feel and the fast-paced class atmosphere made it fun!”

-Candis H., Member

“My fitness experience with TruZones has helped transform my body and meet goals that I haven’t been able to achieve in the past. Each coach has introduced me to different exercises, the equipment we use is different, and the Heart Zones monitors show you where you can be pushed.”

-Rachel N., Member

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