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Sports Performance

Our Sports Specific Conditioning program is a comprehensive training protocol designed to improve athletic performance. Each athlete receives a specific and customized program based off their respective sport. Each session is exactly 60 minutes and will include soft-tissue work, dynamic flexibility, strength and power development, speed and agility training, and sports specific plyometrics.


Private Training

One-on-one training formats designed with athletes in mind. Receive the ultimate training experience with customized programming, specific assessments, and tailored exercises/nutrition to support athletic performance.

Small Group Training
(3-5 athletes) ($$)

Ages: 12-18 Training in small group formats cultivates accountability and motivation. This is the perfect format for athletes who play together on the same team and want to work out together. Typically, groups are paired together based on the athlete’s’ respective sport and age. While athletes in different sports can be paired together, it is encouraged to keep the athletes within the same sport in separate groups (for specificity purposes).

Large Group Training
(6-12 athletes) ($)

Ages: 8-18 We provide large group formats which is open to athletes from all sports. Each class is 45 min, and prepares athletes to handle the physical demands of their respective sports. Each athlete receives an individual assessment and progress tracking.

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