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Kids Fit


We’ve developed this new program to round-out kids’ conditioning for school and extra-curricular sports or just keeping them moving. YCP incorporates the following modalites;

  • TRX
  • Crosstraining
  • Endurance & agility training
  • Strength & weight training
  • Stretching & flexibility training

All movement and exercises are geared toward safety and effectiveness for young bodies with a focus on helping them develop and broaden their athletic skills. When an athlete’s fitness training incorporates a variety of modalities, it can not only improve their game in the respective sport, but can also help prevent injuries by providing all-over, balanced strength and flexibility.

The classes are great if they’re already into sports, are gearing-up to get-into a sport or just like to stay active. It is also a great environment for safe socializing and building friendships with other active kids.

RAC YCP is included in a Rollingwood membership. If you are a non-member, we offer a Rollingwood Student Membership so please contact the club for info on enrolling your child to take-advantage of this fantastic after-school program.

Our fitness coaches will use appropriate tools and techniques to make this program a fun and safe way for children to reveal and develop the athlete in them!

  • Monday – Thursday
  • Ages 7 – 16
  • After-School Class Time | 4:00 pm
  • Strength, conditioning, agility, flexibility, speed, power.

Why care if kids are fit? Silly question? We don’t think so. By-nature, kids are kinetic, they love to move. When kids are given enough time to utilize that energy, it helps to keep them focused and engaged when more quiet learning opportunities arise. In a practical sense, it leads to long-term good health. If involvement in being active starts early, it becomes just the way to be. It keeps the mind open to enjoy and absorb and let’s face it, its just plain fun!


Is a safety training program for children ages 13 to 15 years old. Our Certified Personal Trainers will educate our junior members on proper technique and safety on all of our fitness equipment, and instruct any relevant or personal questions the junior might have. The training consists of two – one hour sessions. The first is a group setting reviewing the facility equipment and safe practices. The second will be one-on-one with a personal trainer exploring each individuals needs and fitness goals. Once these two sessions are completed they will allow the junior to use the fitness center equipment without an adult on site. We asked for the juniors to carry their certificates, written by their trainers, at all times, while using the gym equipment.

Have more questions? Want to sign up for the Safe & Fit program? Please email [email protected] for class info.

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