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Kids and Families

Kids Care

Kids Care and Child Care at Rollingwood Club

We welcome kids to the RAC family. They can enjoy activities around the club and participate in any of our after-school programs. We also have child care services available while you are onsite, for up to two hours per day. Bring your child to one of our fun, safe child care centers, while you enjoy our club services on your own.

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Summer Camp

Summer Camp for Kids at Rollingwood Club

Join Rollingwood Athletic Club’s fun-filled Summer Camp; where we appreciate all the exciting activities that the outdoors have to offer. Tennis, swimming, water games, arts & crafts, games and outdoor sports and adventure; there is something for everyone to enjoy!

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Kids Fit

Kids Fitness in Fair Oaks, CA

Why care if kids are fit? Silly question? We don’t think so. By-nature, kids are kinetic, they love to move. When kids are given enough time to utilize that energy, it helps to keep them focused and engaged when more quiet learning opportunities arise. In a practical sense, it leads to long-term good health.  

Kids Tennis

Kids Tennis in Fair Oaks, CA

Will be working on the basic fundamentals of tennis, from hand eye coordinated drills to proper techniques and positions, to sharpening up their technical skills to better equip them for the game and tournament play. For the youngsters, using low compression balls, mini nets and condensed court sizes, your child is going to be in an environment. 

Kids Swim

Kids Swim in Fair Oaks, CA

RAC offers year-round swim lessons in our heated indoor pool. During the Fall, Winter, and Spring, we offer private lessons only. During the Summer months (June-July), we offer private lessons, semi-private lessons, and small group lessons. We also offer a Parent/Toddler Class in the Fall, Spring, and Summer.

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