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    Tots Program: Mon/Wed/Sun
    N/A1 day per week $852 days per week $1553 days per week $220
    Beginner/Intermediate Program: Mon/Wed/Fri
    N/A2 days per week $280*Add-on Sundays $60
    Were you enrolled in the RAC Fall Junior Tennis program?
    *Fall Participants receive a 25% discount on regular program fees. (Beginner/Intermediate only)
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    Charge to Member Account.Contact me for payment information.
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    Due to COVID-19 Rollingwood asks that at least one member of the family is a RAC member. This status allows the players to use the courts at the specified program times, practice times, organized match play on Fridays or as instructed by their coach. The membership will be a month to month membership requiring 30 days written notice of cancellation emailed to [email protected]. The dues and monthly tennis program payment will be required through billing on the first business day of the month with the payment information provided above. Questions about membership types, contact us. 916-988-1727

    Release, Waiver of Liability & Consent for Medical Treatment

    In the event of illness or injury arising out of my child’s participation in RAC Junior Tennis Program, I give consent and authorization for (1) the administration of emergency first aid care and treatment at the scene of an emergency by employee at RAC, or (2) the administration of any treatment deemed necessary by a licensed physician, and (3) the transfer to a hospital reasonably accessible.

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