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Functional Fitness

Innovative and Challenging Workout

An innovative and challenging workout that blends multiple facets of fitness into an organized workout. Functional training is designed to not only help build overall strength, but to enhance the relationship between your nervous and muscular systems. The workouts are context specific, will directly transfer improvements to real-life activities, and are appropriate for any age and level of fitness!

Benefits of functional training include:
  • Strengthens and tone your core and entire body
  • Builds joint integrity through integrating stabilization and mobility
  • Enhances coordination and motor control
  • Increases in stamina and energy levels
  • Boosts your metabolism, turning you into a fat burning machine.
  • Innovative, challenging, and fun!

Our Premium Strength HIT and HIT Bootcamp classes are a no-nonsense format built around getting you strong. Build strength, not bulk in this high-intensity class. In this class you will lift barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells, all while torching fat and improving your overall conditioning. If getting strong and lean is what you desire, then this class is for you.


Take suspension training to new heights in our unique Premium Strength TRX class. Utilizing TRX as the backbone of this class, you will explore a mixture of intervals and calisthenics to shape and sculpt a rock-solid physique. Each workout incorporates full body movements that flow seamlessly together resulting in an exciting and effective training experience.


Kettlebells have been coined as an “ancient weapon against weakness.” In this Premium Strength Kettlebell class, you will not only build a bulletproof physique, you will refine physical resilience, forge mental fortitude, and solidify brute strength. This class is built around full-body exercises geared towards improving overall strength, conditioning, athleticism, and fat loss.


Balance is an important part of independence in all aspects of life. But what happens when you get off balance? Being able to react, change direction, and have the strength, stability, and speed to regain that balance is essential. In this Premium Strength Balance class you will train just that. Change direction with more confidence, increase your functional strength, and better your reaction time!

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