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Fitness and Health

Open Gym

Open Gym in Fair Oaks, CA

Indoor and Outdoor Open Gym centers | Outdoors; ellipticals, rowing machines, stairclimbers, rope machines, full dumbbell rack with benches, straight bars, bench press, cable stack machine, assisted pull-up, dual cable axis, and barbells with bumper plates. Indoors; Selectorized Weight Machines, Leg Press, Leg Curl, Smith Machine, Cable Machines, Treadmills, Squat Racks, Barbells, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Slam Balls, Rope Climb, Pull Up Bars and more.

Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness in Fair Oaks, CA

An innovative and challenging workout that blends multiple facets of fitness into an organized workout. Functional training is designed to not only help build overall strength, but to enhance the relationship between your nervous and muscular systems. The workouts are context specific, will directly transfer improvements to real-life activities, and are appropriate for any age and level of fitness!

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Group Ex

Group Classes in Fair Oaks, CA

Our Group Ex schedule features a variety of classes that engage you, strengthen you, and keep you having fun! We love the tried and true classics but are always adding new ways to keep things fresh and fit. Members can enjoy a variety of Yoga styles, Pilates, Cardio Training, Balance and combo classes!

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Cycling Studio in Fair Oaks, CA

Cycling is an amazing cardiovascular workout! Ride flat roads, tempo sets and hill drills to amazing music while being coached through different terrains. Also try our high-energy Cycle & Sculpt class, combining great music and motivation, with an awesome calorie burn and total body toning.

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Pilates Studio in Fair Oaks, CA

We offer Pilates in both a group fitness format in Mat Pilates, and in our Pilates Reformer Small Group Training sessions. Pilates will improve muscle tone, balances musculature, range-of-motion, posture, flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance for your whole body.

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