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Cycle Studio

We know cycling is a great workout, but let’s be honest—no one wants to go out and ride a bike in pouring rain, freezing weather, or on a scorching summer day. Rocking out to great music in a studio with a view and a motivating coach? Now that’s more like it! Indoor Cycle classes are a highly effective cardio and strength workouts. Let one of our certified instructors fit you on a Keiser m3i Cycle where you’ll ride to the beat of awesome music—and burn up to 600 calories in the process. Not only will your lungs be pumping, you’ll also work your glutes, calves, quads, hamstrings, and core. Studies show that indoor cycling can decrease body fat and body mass index, and improve overall cardiovascular function.

Cycle & Sculpt

Indoor Cycle

Leave your cares behind and escape to the Cycle Studio
for a fun, high-energy Cycle/Strength class that combines great music
with cardio and strength training. You enjoy an awesome calorie burn and total body toning.

This high energy, indoor cycling workout is an amazing cardiovascular ride! Ride flat roads, tempo sets and hill drills to amazing music while being coached through different terrains. Join the fun for a fantastic fat burner and endorphin rush.

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