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Aqua & Masters Fitness


All classes are one hour in length unless otherwise noted. Please bring water to hydrate during class. Supportive aqua shoes are recommended to protect, cushion & support feet & joints. As a courtesy to your instructor & fellow class members, please keep talking to a minimum & at a low level. Let your instructor know if you are recovering from an injury, are pregnant or have some other condition that may be affected by exercise. Work out at your own pace. If you feel short of breath, experience severe joint or muscle pain, dizziness or chest pain, STOP exercising immediately and inform your instructor.


Rollingwood features both heated indoor and outdoor pools. Our heated indoor pool is perfect for year-round lessons and our beginner swimmers. Our competitive four-lane outdoor pool is kept at an ideal temperature year-round for our summer team, our fall competitive program, and our winter and spring stroke clinics.


This complimentary swim class is offered in the outdoor pool. This class is for anyone that wants to get their swim on. Whether you are a novice swimmer that wants to learn the basics or an experienced swimmer that wants to work on conditioning and stamina. Come work on the swimming fundamentals while getting a great total-body workout in the pool. This class is for all skill levels; however, participants must be comfortable in the water (shallow and deep water).


Have fun and tone your entire body with this low intensity cardio class. We combine water aerobics and strength training with bells, noodles and balance work to strengthen muscles and shed calories. Enjoy toning your body to fun music from all decades and get inspired by our high energy instructors.


This one hour, total body water workout helps build cardiovascular endurance while pushing a broader range of muscular strength and motion in your upper body, lower body and core. Kick your aqua fitness up a notch with Aqua Blast.


We have participants from ages 18 to 70+ with a wide range of abilities. Each practice is a one-hour coached workout that focuses on swimming fundamentals, stroke technique, and conditioning. 

There is always a coach on deck to provide fun swim sets, technique work, and a challenging workout. It’s a great way to start the day.


Gentle, low intensity water exercise class, focusing on range of motion, flexibility and light cardio, formatted according to the Arthritis Foundation guidelines. This class is great for those with Arthritis or other joint problems or for those recovering from an injury or other health issues.

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