Ages 5-7 years
A "Fun Sunday" on the courts begins here at Rollingwood, where a kids introduction class is being offered. 

Red balls, miniature nets, and laughter is what you will find if you are here at 11:00 am on a Sunday morning. 

From hand eye coordinated drills to live ball hitting, this is certainly a good starting point for any child who is even mildly interested in playing the game.


Our tennis Director, Bobby Martinez, has come with a lot of experience and enthusiasm with intent to continue the growth of this already existing grass roots program that has been established here at Rollingwood Athletic Club. This is a 1 hour class on Sunday mornings from 11:00-12:00 with member pricing of $10, non-member, $12. For further information on this class or our summer classes please contact our Tennis Director, Bobby Martinez, at bobby@rollingwoodclub.com. See you on the courts!


follow the path to tennis fun!

2017 Fall / Winter Tennis Program

August 14 - December 21

On court fun, Monday - Thursday!

Once a month, join us for a Friday Mash-up at 4 pm. The whole family is invited for on court and social fun!


Ages 12 and under; 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm, Will be working on the basic fundamentals of tennis, from hand eye coordinated drills to proper techniques and positions, to sharpening up their technical skills to better equip them for the game and tournament play. From drilling, to point play, to conditioning. For the youngsters, using low compression balls, mini nets and condensed court sizes, your child is going to be in an environment a bit more ideal for their size. Our goal is to prepare and challenge them, honing in on their own personal goals. We pride ourselves on creating a fun, yet challenging environment where each child takes ownership over his/her game and is willing to go the extra mile in order to improve it.

Ages 13-18; 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm, A variety of training. From drills, to point play, to practice matches, kids will constantly be on the move in efforts to better shape their game as well as improve their mobility, endurance and technique. A high energy workout that will get your son/daughter into tennis shape. Our goal is to prepare them for high school tennis, improve their place on their high school ladder, or to equip them for a 2 or 4 year school.

*Rainy days will be transitioned into a 45 minute fitness session for your child.


Register today, for the season or month by month! 2 day per week, 3 day per week, or 4 day per week package options available.


We offer year-round youth tennis programs with special scheduling during the summer break period. Our Junior tennis programs are instructed by top-notch tennis staff, under the direction of Bobby Martinez & include tennis camp sessions & special tennis events throughout the year. If you would like to enroll or have questions, please contact Coach Bobby at (916) 988-1727 or e-mail Bobby@rollingwoodclub.com 


Ages 6-12 years

Providing a positive and fun experience, while learning to play this great game of tennis. This program is designed to pair equipment and rules to match each kids development level. Reducing frustration and building confidence by placing kids on a court they can cove. They will master their skills and learn faster, which will likely keep them playing more often. With combined match play and drills they will be able to move on to the next level of tennis.

High School Rec

ages 13-18 years

We focus on several different points of the game, from technical and fundamental breakdowns, to live point play and strategies, this high school group covers all bases of junior tennis development. The majority of our players participate on high school teams in and around the area, we also accommodate beginners in this age group. A great way sharpen your game.


This program is designed for younger players who are ready for more intense training, four days per week. Players prepare to start competing in USTA Tournaments, both local and regional. Drills have an emphasis on technique, footwork patterns & competitive play. This program is ran by our Academy Coaches and designed to prepare players for the Academy.


We focus on fundamentals to develop well rounded players who can compete with confidence. Success is built on solid foundations, repetition and competition. We believe in a positive supportive environment where our athletes naturally thrive. Our vigorous physical training program is an integral part of the academy, with the focus on improving players physical abilities and stamina while minimizing injuries.


For Academy information please contact the Academy Coach;

Kati Kocsis: katikocsis@rollingwoodclub.com


Rollingwood Athletic Club

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Phone. 916-988-1727