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Mommy TIME!

"I used to feel PROUD of my body. Proud of my strength, tone and endurance. I used to have TIME to exercise. I made fitness a priority, and I was better for it.

And then it happened - Pregnancy #1! A beautiful time. I walked and swam religiously. I loved feeling healthy and strong, for myself and my baby. I felt PROUD of my body. I made TIME to exercise. But, then came 36-hours of destructive labor, followed by an emergency c-section. My powerful, strong birth-experience was stolen from me. Instead, I was handed a major surgery followed by months of recovery. My desire for fitness remained. My ability to access it was diminished. Between feedings, naps and full-time work, I let go of time for fitness. I became disappointed, and at times disgusted, by my body.

Enter, Pregnancy #2. After re-establishing a fitness routine, and getting to the point where I felt strong and attractive once-again, I once-again let go. Pregnancy and birth complications kept me from exercise for a full year. As I welcomed my 2nd beautiful baby, I bade farewell to my strong, toned muscles. Hello cellulite, goodbye bikinis. Hello shortness of breath, goodbye runner's high. Hello self-consciousness, shame and jiggling, goodbye confidence, health and well-being.

I am PROUD of my babies. I make TIME for them daily. I'm a GREAT mom! But, I longed for the joy of motherhood without the sacrifice of my health and well-being. So, I climbed back on the proverbial saddle. I knew that I, my spouse and children would be better for it. It started with food. I abandoned the practice of eating my toddlers' leftovers as my meals and began preparing whole, clean, nutrient-dense meals that I felt PROUD to eat. I began taking my exercise routine seriously. I began to see changes in my body, mind and spirit.

I then gave myself a gift, and carved out TIME to meet with RAC Fitness Director, Bret Gibson for a Health and Wellness Assessment. He helped envision a fitness routine that works with the logistical challenges I face. I then joined Jessica Miller's Mommy Fit Classes, and that has been trans-formative.

Mommy Fit is my answer. To exercise with other mothers is INSPIRING. To watch pregnant and nursing mommies push through workouts because they know how beneficial it will be, for themselves and their families, makes me PROUD. To have Jessica helping us adjust for physical limitations caused by birth-induced injuries, makes me COMFORTABLE. To be in a group that understands we might pee our pants when we jump up and down, because that's the price we paid for our offspring, makes me LAUGH. I encourage every MOM, at any stage, to join this group. The energy and support each individual brings makes the workout more manageable and inspiring for the group. At the end of every class, I feel PROUD of what my body accomplished, and that I took the TIME to make it happen. I also thank RAC's phenomenal child care staff, who ensure my kids are happy and safe while I sweat!

If my story resonates with you, I recommend scheduling a Health and Wellness Assessment and joining the group of inspiring women who are getting stronger every week in Mommy Fit!"

In community spirit,
Member- Lauren S.

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